28 August 2009

shauna macdonald might be the british sigourney weaver

At least insofar as monster movies go. The Descent, which I think is a phenomenal film, didn't really need a sequel, but neither did Alien. I adore Aliens - I'd probably rank it in my 25 favorite movies of all time - and so maybe The Descent Part II will live up to its spiritual predecessor's achievement. There's a trailer out that gives me hope.

Frankly, I didn't even know Marshall was done making it, let alone that it'd be coming out in December (in the UK).


timd said...

jon harris is directing, not marshall.

Phil W said...

Well, fuck, then.

Excitement... fading. ...Fading. ...Fading.


timd said...

yeah man, it's one o' 'dem studio sequel things.