03 June 2009

star trekkin' (part III)

In what should be the final entry in my series of Star Trek-related postings, I'm going, as I threatened to do not very long ago, to "pitch" what I think would be a fantastic idea for Star Trek 2 (not II - they already made II. They've not yet made 2, but they will). Thanks for bearing with me.

The movie needs to be about (again, I've said this before) the "formation" of the Big Three: James Tiberius Kirk, Leonard H. "Bones" McCoy, Spock. By formation, of course, I mean the forging of the friendship that will get them through thick, thin, and everything else in between. Bones provides the emotion, the heart and the passion, Spock the cool detachment, reasoning, and, yes, logic ("the beginning of wisdom, not the end"). What Kirk manages to do is take the input of his two closest friends and distill these separate ingredients into something uniquely himself, and that's really what makes him the incredible leader he is. In the movie, something needs to have happened that's the catalyst for this development, that can only be overcome by these three men putting their heads together, and, by the end, the bright, shining triumvirate of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy has emerged. That's our... arc.

Now, in order for this to work, they need to face a great villain. Kirk, specifically, needs to face a great villain, because, as much fun as Nero was, and what a great idea he was, he wasn't Kirk's villain in the way that Khan Noonian Singh was, or even General Chang. If anything, Nero was Spock's villain, which is fine, but a Spock villain has to be so driven by emotion that the only way to counter him is with the immutable Vulcan logic that he really can't be anybody else's adversary. This foe they face has to be someone who's so much better than Kirk that he has to rely on his friends, he has to develop that ability where he becomes the (wait for it... wait for it...) Best of Both Worlds.

But, I think this could stand to be a halfway decent setup for the third movie, which, I think, should feature the biggest, baddest and best space battle in Star Trek history. In order for that to happen, I think it's prudent to shred continuity a little further (but, really, after collapsing Vulcan into a synthetic singularity, how much further can you go?) and reignite the Klingon/Romulan alliance against the Federation. That'd be one goddamn good fight, don't you think (particularly after J.J. & Co. showed what they could do with two ships going up against each other)? We've had the Romulans in the first movie, so in order to make this work, we'll need Klingons in the second.

I have just the Klingon villain. Captain Koloth, master of the IKS Gr'oth, and played to absolute perfection by William Campbell in the original series episode "The Trouble With Tribbles." Why Koloth? As he was in TOS, he was debonair, calculating, charming, deceitful and very, very evil. In other words, everything a good Kirk villain needs to be. Like Khan, only with a desire to bring down the entire Federation, and not simply the captain of the Enterprise. Koloth should be perfect, particularly if he can be "tweaked" a bit to fit in with our new counter-Trek universe, or whatever we're calling it.

With a storytelling goal, and now a villain, I think there needs to be a threat. As uninterested as I am in continuing the cycle of "madman hellbent on galactic destruction with his [weapon name here]," I have what I think is a pretty decent idea: The Sword of Kahless. Of course, it's not a real sword (though it might be if this film were set in the Buffy/Angel-verse, but that's another idea for another time), but something akin to a Weapon of Mass Destruction.

Stick with me, here. Say that, long ago, during one of the bigger civil wars that rocked the Klingon Empire, someone decided that, well, they needed to develop the Klingon version of the Final Solution. So, in the spirit of Kahless, who killed not only his enemies on the battlefield, but wiped out their entire bloodlines so as to excise the potential for any further dishonor to the Klingon species, the Sword was developed, a weapon designed to wipe out as many, or as few, as s/he who possesses it desires (I haven't figured out the specifics of it). Whether or not it was used, it has since been broken apart and scattered across the galaxy, in the hopes that no one ever uncovers it and attempts, once again, to do the unthinkable.

Because quest movies are fun, I thought the Sword as a device could be split into three parts: the Hilt, the Blade, and the Scabbard. So, the Federation and the Klingons (and maybe even the Romulans) have to run around to try to gather all the pieces so as to assemble it/possess one piece that can be protected or destroyed to prevent it from ever getting used. Whether the overarching goal is to use it to cement power in the Klingon Empire or to wipe out enemies external, doesn't really matter. Genocide is genocide, and it's not good, ever (see what I just did there, UN Security Council?).

I know I said this was going to be my final entry, but I'm going to do one more, where I post the first few pages of my first (probably only, too) draft of the script I'd like to see.

Hey, maybe I've found a new theme for the blog: sequels and films I'd like to see made, complete with my own proposals and script excerpts.

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