06 May 2009


I'm thinking of trying to do a weekly podcast. I seem to drift away from my mission statement of ranting about things in popular culture, and I think maybe half an hour of talking every week about aggregate... everythings, really, might be a way to salvage that part of the plan.

I'm figuring I just make up a list of things that caught my eye over the course of the week (movies, music, video games, comics, a photograph, whatever), research them a bit on Saturday, record on Sunday, and post on Monday.

The real ranting could begin that way. I could have guest ranters from time to time, too.

Might there be a reaction out there in ever-so-small-reader land?


sadbix said...

If you podcasted, could I broadcast an episode or a bit on my radio show?

Phil W said...

You would be granted a perpetual license to do precisely that.

Phil W said...

Obviously, I've not done it yet.

Other things, so far, have gotten in the way.

I will do it, eventually, but I have to, well, figure out how to manage those. Plus, as it turns out, talking for half an hour and being funny is a bit more difficult than I'd thought.