20 April 2009

unpackaging (or, the latest photoblog) (or, man, is my girlfriend ever cute)

A few months ago, Vanessa and I learned about a website called EntertainmentEarth.com, that sells all manner of nonessential, but awesome, stuff (like a scale replica of Captain Malcolm Reynolds' sidearm). They were, at the time, taking preorders for the toy replica of the Starship Enterprise ("no bloody A, B, C, or D") from the new movie. Having so many fond memories of Star Trek toys, I wanted to recapture that feeling, and thus begged her to preorder it for me (I don't precisely recall why she was nice enough to do so, which means I had best repay her in some exceedingly dramatic fashion). Well, it arrived on Saturday, and a short, photographic essay follows, documenting its "unboxing" and subsequent display atop a bookshelf. Enjoy.

Shameless promotion. They didn't even pay me.

In the parlance of our times... "OMG!"
The blurred photo here conveys the excitement, and the urgency, of the moment.
The box promises flashing lights. I wasn't aware I'd be receiving such technological treats.
The U.S.S. Enterprise, in all its cardboard-boxed glory.
The stages of Enterprise-getting: 1) Excitement
2) Affection
3) Love
4) Willingness to die to protect it

Almost... there...
Shades of movies past!
The stand. It's an arrowhead (surprised?).
I like the nacelle design. It strikes a nice balance between the original series and the refit/Enterprise-A. They're also bulkier, which I think befits it.
The design of the ship in general strikes a good balance between old and new.

Ensign Luna, reporting for duty?
Yes, that is a Portal(tm) poster you spy on the wall. Product placement is just everywhere!
Almost there...
Ooh... pretty...

This shot kind of reminds me of the end of Star Trek VI, only with the Enterprise emerging from the sun, rather than sailing off into it.

It does light up! It does light up!

Note the red impulse engine light.


Vanessa said...

Geek :P

breathless83 said...

You DO have a wonderful girlfriend. And congrats!!