07 April 2009

thanks, seattle

for being (mostly) awesome, for putting on a great convention, and for being a great place to spend some time. I absolutely did not want to leave on Monday.

Good things that came out of the convention experience include (in no particular order):

- meeting Wil Wheaton, purchasing two of his books, and getting him to sign the aforementioned books (as well as one of my TNG DVDs). He wrote in Dancing Barefoot about how important it is to him that the convention-goers that come to talk to him/get him to sign autographs have a good experience when they're with him, and that absolutely bore itself out. He was a spectacularly nice guy, who even remembered us when we came back to his table on the second day (had to tell him how much we loved his books - they're fantastic), had great conversations with us, posed for pictures, and even indulged me in a little story-telling of my own (plus, Tim got him to laugh by proxy. That's got to make Tim feel good).

I think I've developed a man-crush on Wil Wheaton. Wesley Crusher. I don't know how I feel about that.

- meeting Ed Brubaker. Captain America's been my favorite superhero since I was quite small (I think it initially had something to do with the shield, but who knows after 20 years), and the fact that Brubaker's writing great issue after great issue means a lot to me. More than I can say, really. Even though he killed the Red Skull, killed Steve off, brought Bucky back from the grave, turned Bucky into Captain America... He's just written it so deftly, and with such palpable enthusiasm, that I just get sucked in and can never escape. Brubaker's "Captain America" is spectacular, there's no other word for it.

I told him all of this, and he listened quite intently, and actually reacted pretty well to my ramblings. Turns out we have a favorite superhero in common. What a surprise.

I got to meet a guy who's basically a hero of mine, and he wasn't a dick. That was a big deal, my dream not getting shattered.

- discovering "Sheldon," a phenomenal comic strip about a 10 year-old Internet billionaire (the titular Sheldon), his grandfather, a talking duck (boy genius Sheldon's doing), a pug (who does not talk), and a lizard that thinks the talking duck is his father (who only says, "Squee!"). It's geeky at times, drawn very nicely, and exceptionally funny. Plus, Dave Kellett (who writes and draws the strip), is one very nice guy. He drew us sketches of the pug and the duck.

- purchasing a shit-ton of really awesome stuff, and for not a whole heck of a lot of money. A lot of guys were selling off prints of their artwork for cheap, or bundling a couple of prints together, or made up a bundle on the spot (thanks again, Mike Hampton and Dexter Vines). As Vanessa says, "The awesome room keeps getting more awesome." President Evil, Hot Zombie Chicks, ROM the Spaceknight, Batman's gallery of foes, Iron Fist, Mouse Guard, Tiny Titans, the Goon, Usagi Yojimbo, Monster Commute, and more... all will adorn the walls in the new apartment. Oh, and the Blue Sun t-shirt. And the Invaders mini-mates (Cap, Bucky, original Human Torch, Namor). And the Blue Beetle action figure.

- seeing Bruce Timm draw Harley Quinn.

- watching Vanessa work her short/cute magic on all of the people we met, with the exception of the guy who drew cartoons for Playboy. That's all right, though, because the conversation she had with Howard Chaykin afterwards was priceless.

- winning a can of Nite Owl coffee (organic!).

- being surrounded by so much joy, so much overwhelming happiness, for two solid days. Does the spirit wonders.

- rekindling my desire to break into the comic industry some way, somehow...

- meeting Aaron Douglas, and discovering that the Chief isn't leaving television soon.

For all of this, the great music, and so much more, thanks, Seattle.


sadbix said...

So I dunno if you do this but I tend to go through phases where I think of the stories in my head in different forms of media. For example, I went through a music video phase, where everything was super stylistic short stories. There was also a gratuitous slow-mo phase that may have been associated with over-viewing Lord of the Rings. Anyway, I've been feeling comic books recently. Now if I could just get better at drawing... anyway, it sounds like a fun experience!

Phil W said...

I absolutely understand what you mean. For me, it seems to have a lot to do with what sort of media I'm ingesting at the time. The library's building up a graphic novel/trade paperback/sequential art/whatever sounds more adult than "comic book" this week collection, and I've been grabbing armloads every week. Were it not for my feature script, my TV show scripts, and the short I'm trying like hell to get shot, I'd say I was entering a comic book phase myself. Since I can't draw, I'm starting to think webcomic. We'll see where this goes.

breathless83 said...

You forgot seeing your favorite friend Sadie... just saying... not like I'm sad or something. sigh... I KNEW you liked Squishy better.
And I will confirm watching Vanessa work her magic on everyone there was pretty impressive.

Phil W said...

Curses! I knew I forgot something terribly important (and I'm sorry for that)! Admittedly, I figured anyone who knew me would know that getting to be around the awesomeness of Sadie was one of the top 3 things that happened that weekend, but I should've been direct about it.

Hanging out with my good friend Sadie, a person who understands how great goofy really can be, made a good time incomparably better.

Are you showing up around the general Denver area at some point?