20 January 2009

stringer bell's making his way to scranton?

This could either be brilliant, or terribly, horribly awful...

I'm going to err on the side of brilliant, though. If there's one thing that has proven itself pretty adept at, it's integrating visitors into the framework that they've so carefully constructed for the show (especially out-of-left-field guest stars, like Amy Ryan, also a Wire alum... Weird). This isn't to compare them to 30 Rock, which has kind of become the gimmicky guest star-featuring program of the 21st century (not that I'm complaining - I loved Oprah, Matthew Broderick, Ghostface Killah...), but just that they're good at... integration, horrible as that might sound.

Idris Elba seems like he could be a pretty phenomenal comic, and he sure is scary as hell, so what exactly he'll be doing... Hmm. I'm exceedingly curious, and excited.

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