14 January 2009

so, I just saw the trailer for the Last House on the Left remake...

I want to hate it, I really do. This streak of remakes of genuinely good movies is driving me batty; it's one thing to take a movie, or television show, that wasn't that great to begin with and twist it around and rework it so that it becomes something new and interesting, but I've lacked an ability to understand the appeal of taking something that was good already and warping it so that it, inevitably, becomes less than it was before.

It feels like it could work. The idea was good enough to begin with, and it doesn't look like they're fucking with it overmuch (and it'd be nice to see it with a budget, and without the Keystone Kops, I'll admit)... I like the casting, too. Becca from Superbad, and Francis Wolcott from Deadwood? That's borderline inspired casting.

I was unnerved, close to scared, as the trailer reached its conclusion. Definitely intrigued am I, definitely want to know of a solid release date.

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timd said...

yeah, i saw that trailer on the big screen tonight and i thought it ruled.

i think the craven remakes have a little more clout. i dug the hills have eyes and how they twisted its themes around to be a nice little political statement. and i think this movie will work in the same way my bloody valentine does, or even ocean's eleven, (though i must say that i think the last house on the left is an actual important piece of work, unlike the original mbv or ocean's) where ya take a not-so-great movie and work with it.

the only thing i worry about is whether or not new last house is timely - the reason the first is so fucked up and ugly and important is it was craven's way of dealing with the vietnam war.

will this be about modern fearmongering come true? iraq? desensitization of violence? or just torture porn? at the moment it seems like funny games, but this time we get rewarded instead of punished for wanting what they give us. which is awesome.

also, i think friday the thirteenth is gonna fucking rule. so sayeth devin, plus i'm down with this philosophy that 13th and nightmare (among others) have become so jaded in their sequels that the only way to see new entries into their canon is to reboot. and i always want me some new jason and freddy.

go see mbv3d. the new renaissance of the slasher movie is here. the post post post post modern, where we're just back to basics. the second act drags like a motherfucker, but i'll be goddamn if it ain't good ol' american fun (and not seeing it in gimmick 3d is a waste of time).