02 December 2008

new noise is fuckin dead

I'm pretty sure the sports website is dead. In any case, my time at it has come to an end, for better or for worse, so, to me, it is dead.

There were a lot of bad writers, which I'm sure kneecapped any sort of promotional strategy that'd been mapped out for it. There are so many people expressing unsolicited opinions on the Internet that, if nothing else, you have to craft your message in a compelling way in order to attract any sort of an audience. Projecting your message in an incoherent fashion is not the best way to do that.

Seeing as how I wasn't paid for any of my work there, nor did I sign any sort of agreement to keep my work there exclusive, nor did I see anything indicating the like, I'm going to transfer my postings from that website to this one, placing them on the days in which they were posted originally, for the sake of continuity. I imagine I'll get more of an audience, if nothing else (plus, it gives my audience a chance to see another side of my writing, which is something, right?)...