03 October 2008

the day after the [VP] debate

Biden has command of the issues; Palin can at least twist around the question and give answers to questions she wished the moderator had asked. Biden is smart, qualified, engaged, while Palin is, well, the opposite (I wasn't expecting to see Biden as the Jed Bartlet analogue, but I'll take it - he's even Catholic).

They got Palin on the ticket to boost its folksy authenticity (among other things), thinking her "realness" would connect with the average American. I didn't see an instant of truth in a single thing Palin did last night, so rehearsed and programmed was every word, gesture (that fucking winking thing she did at the camera...) and strand of hair.

Joe Biden, a man, like Barack Obama, that embodies the American Dream in its most pure form, a man who pulled himself up by virtue of his drive, intellect, and ambition, bared his soul to the world when he reminisced about his great personal tragedy. In a clearly unrehearsed moment, a moment devoid of political posturing and vote-shilling, Joe Biden showed America what sort of a man he really is, where his true values, and his heart, lie.

He's one of the few people in this country that I can honestly say I like as both a politician and a person; I hope he won some people over last night. It couldn't have been easy to be himself, but that's always what he's been best at.

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timd said...

i think biden's kinda a tool.

just me, though.