14 September 2008

new noise

Well, after passing up advertisement after advertisement on Craigslist soliciting for writers for startup webpages, I finally decided to answer one this past week. Biased-sports.com, a site that deals with exactly what you'd expect it to (and looked like it might welcome writers with a sense of humor), had put out a call for writers; I figured I'd answer it. I'm decent at arranging words on a page, after all. My message was pretty informal, just offering up my interest and my ability, if their interest matched mine.

I received a reply from the guy who runs it pretty quickly, asking for some kind of a writing sample. Truth be told, I don't spend a whole lot of time writing about sports in my free time, but I did somehow have the foresight to type this up earlier in the year, so I sent it along with my next message, and encouraged him to peruse the blog in its entirety if he wanted to get an idea of my writing style. Amazingly enough, a set of paragraphs mourning the Pats' loss (and not one celebrating it) was actually good enough for me to get invited to join the writing staff of the website.

I've not gone into great detail regarding the depths of my disapproval for the way the NBA leadership handled the eventual departure of the Seattle SuperSonics for parts unknown this summer, but it runs deep. To take a former championship team, in a city where ties to the franchise run deep, from a great, magical town and dump it in Oklahoma City is one thing, but to allow it to happen without a modicum of interference from the head(s) of the NBA is another thing. Clay Bennett's thievery of the 'Sonics sets a bad precedent for professional sports around the county (1 - want to move the team you just bought back to your hometown? Make a lot of unreasonable demands and bitch a lot, and eventually everyone'll get so sick of you that you'll be allowed to leave; 2 - Taxpayers can now be expected to foot the 9+ figure bill for the cost of new facilities - which they still have to pay to enter, by the way - to allow millionaire athletes and the super-rich that own their teams play games against other wealthy athletes and owners).

I certainly can't lay claim to the origination of the monicker "Oklahoma City Robber Barons" for the "new" basketball franchise in the OKC, but I think I used it pretty effectively here - my first "article" for Biased Sports. As usual, comedy is my best outlet for frustration, and clearly, it was decent enough for the powers that be to print (my writing was good enough for the Internet!).

I'm shooting for producing another sports-related comedy article once a week for as long as I can keep it up. With the other 17 or 18 people that are on the writing staff for the site, I think the future's bright. If nothing else, it's another venue for my writing, and that's never a bad thing.

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