29 September 2008

the free market giveth, and the free market taketh away

Fidelity to ideology? Say it ain't so!

Not being an expert in matters financial, I can't exactly offer an enlightened opinion on this "Financial Crisis" [with theme music], but I can say that I'm in favor of Republicans acting like, well, Republicans. I'm opposed to the capital "B" Bailout on terms motivated almost exclusively by a desire for vengeance (also because I don't see why perpetrators of fraud should get their mess cleaned up while their victims are left homeless and on the street), whereas I would assume a true Republican would be opposed to the Bailout on ideological terms tied very closely to the freedom of the Free Market.

Last week, someone said that when push comes to shove, conservatives reveal themselves to be socialists, and that's kind of depressing to me. If that's the case, then they weren't real conservatives to begin with. I was despairing that real conservatives didn't exist anymore, until the talk of the Bailout began to reach feverish proportions. Then, and only then, did real conservatives start to come out of the woodwork.

I think that all Americans should be opposed to the Bailout, if for no other reason than the fact that it puts an inordinate amount of our money (yours, mine, Warren Buffet's) at risk for no real reason at all (don't believe
me? Here), money that could be going to fund, I don't know, useful things. We (by "we," I mean no one even like us) raised the debt ceiling $800 billion this year, and we really want to push against it already?

Also, it sets a horrible precedent for a country that's hi
storically balked at the merest hint of the word "socialism" (let's TANGENT for a moment and admit that, yes, I'm a proponent of Big Government. I think government exists to provide essential services to its people, "basic human rights" sorts of services: national defense, transportation, utilities, health care, education... I don't think people should profit from providing "basic human rights" sorts of services, which therefore leaves them in the purview of the government. However, in order to work properly, I think Big Government needs a much better plan than anything that's been put forth so far in this Bailout strategy. As someone who remembers what it was like last time this administration said, "We have to act now, because the consequences of inaction are too severe," I'm not in favor of the proposals that've been put forth thus far. END TANGENT). It doesn't give the perps any incentive to avoid playing fast and loose with other people's money again; in fact, it encourages them.

The way I see it, we have two options: either we nationalize everything, thus (theoretically) preventing a meltdown of (potentially) catastrophic proportions from happening again, or we let everything play itself out as the Free Market says it should, and let the chips fall where they may. I know no one's going to let either of those two options come into being, which means it's on the people in charge to figure it out.

Of course, we could just leave everything in the hands of these two geniuses...

The photo of George II was pulled off of the CNN.com homepage today; all due credit to the person who took it should be given.
I would rather have avoided the Noid, so I won't research into its history...
Fine. Group 243, Domino's advertising group, created the Noid. Read more about it here.

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