31 August 2008

rounding third and heading for home (or, here's the story, of barry and sar-ah...)

I've been saying for months that he had to make it (the election) about smart, and not; committed, and not; qualified, and not. I think he did just that. I particularly like the part where he says that he doesn't think McCain doesn't care, so much as he doesn't understand. He's got me feeling like he can save the world on his own again, which is both wonderful and unfortunate. After all, he's not Jesus, he's not Jed Bartlet, he's a smart, passionate man that can inspire with only a few words, and is our most viable option for turning this country around. That's nothing to sneeze at, clearly, but he's also not going to make college tuition tax-deductible, or put something like a 40% income tax on the wealthiest 5% of the population to finance universal health care and alternative energy production in the first week of his presidency. But he might.

Regardless, I'd say this was a rousing success of a convention. Bring on the RNC, motherfuckers.

[UPDATE] And in other news...

This is going to be interesting
; I hope we all realize just how thoroughly McCain's pandering to the disaffected Hillary supporters, that he's willing to do anything and say anything if he, or his advisers, think it'll get him another step closer to the Oval. I'm kind of surprised that she let herself get exploited in this way, but maybe she's just as hungry for power as her running mate is.

I have this horrible fear that Biden's going to eviscerate her in the VP debates, but the networks are just going to edit the highlights they run to make it look like he's picking on this nice, decent mother of 5 (one with Downs Syndrome). If she can fake a tear, we're fucked, because no one's going to watch the VP debates that doesn't already know what's going on, and despite what I dearly hope to the contrary, I think people (not just Americans) are pretty goddamn stupid.

This is why I can't be a politician. I swing back and forth from idealist to pessimist far too quickly.

[FURTHER UPDATE] This is a much better article about what Sarah Palin represents than anything I've written.

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