16 July 2008

if there's one thing I hate more than false hope...

In the words of Doctor Henry Jones, Sr., "Look what you did."

After years of failing miserably to satisfy even the most basic tenet of classification as a vertebrate lifeform (i.e. - backbone), Congress finally stood up for itself and its employers (that'd be us). Maybe they finally figured out that it's in their best interests to stand up to a president whose performance in his job is seen as less than satisfactory by Americans (not to mention the world) in historic numbers. Maybe they figured that it's time they stood by the document that created the country whose people they've been able to exploit and leech off of for so long (Senator Feingold, Representatives Wexler and Degette, I'm not including you in this company). Or, maybe they just felt bad for old Ted Kennedy.

I really don't care, because for one brief, shining moment, America had a legislative branch of government that cared about her, and while this doesn't really make up for the presentation Congress gave the president last week over wiretapping and telecom immunity, this is still... something. Not The West Wing brought to life, but a step in the right direction. And while it depresses me that a baby step can bring a light to my face for a full hour, I'm willing to take it. For now.

Paul Krugman wrote about what this actually means with far more depth, and far less knee-jerk emotion, than I did. Check it out.

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