19 June 2008


Barack Obama. Harry Reid.

How in the hell can these two men purport to belong to the same political party, let alone the same species of living being?

On the one hand, we've got Barack Hussein Obama: magnificent speaker, phenomenal community organizer, charismatic politician. A man with the courage of his convictions, and a killer instinct to boot.

On the other hand, we've got the dickless piece of shit Harry Reid, who leads a swarm of Democrats (with depressingly few exceptions) in bending over and taking it from the Bush White House as frequently as he can. Of course, there are those days when they're sucking off the evil motherfuckers that're in charge and their lapdog, the ever-dislikable Joltin' Joe Lieberman (if you want some proof... here you go), but at least they sound a little more honest refusing to hand out any justice than the hollow promises of, you know, standing up for the people that've been screwed by Bush & Co.

This is why I'm not a Democrat, and this is why I'm having an ethical crisis this year. Because if Obama winds up surrounded by these people who shove their heads so far up their enemies' asses that they can't even smell do or die time, what the fuck was the point of voting for him in the first place? If they're not willing to do anything when doing anything would help to put us back on the right track, when it could only serve to strengthen the position of their party's new golden boy, why the fuck should we expect them to do any better once the election's over?

This is also why I think our time as any sort of global force should come to an end as quickly as possible. If Rome collapsed because of the corruption, why should we be any different?

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