07 February 2008


It's worth attempting to get thoughts down on... well, this isn't exactly paper, but it's a medium that allows me to go back to them later and consider them after the fact. If the journal is a self-indulgent medium, than the internet journal has got to be several steps up above that, seeing as how it's the personal made public for the purpose of consumption (and response, what with the "comment" section, so we can read what people have to say in reaction to the things we write).

I don't know if I have much interest in baring my soul to the anonymous capital "I" Internet community (which will probably never read much of this anyway, if ever); most of what I'm planning to address in this forum is external to me (entertainment media, the news when I feel the need to say something), so the possibility of me writing about a relative's funeral, or the emotions that were stirred up in me when I saw a horribly lovey dovey couple on the street, or a list of the thoughts that go through my head when it's in an alcohol-inspired haze is kind of slim. This is a place to get my thoughts in order about things that affect me, but not so much a place to unload the innermost workings of my im/mortal soul.

Does that make this... not-a-blog, then? I don't think so; I think the blog is a place of free experimentation, if nothing else. It allows expression of the written kind without any sort of barrier, for it's not like I'm trying to make a living off what I write here. I'm free to completely ignore my earlier, less-than-articulate, almost mission statement and devote paragraphs to, say, a woman I fall deeply in love with on the bus, should I choose to do so. I can contradict myself a dozen and a half times, and not have to account for any of it. I can even spend days attempting to come to grips with what I really think about my little secure spot on the internet.

Could that make this art? By my definition (at its core, the communication of an idea), it very well could be. I don't know if semi-critical reaction to real art would itself qualify as art (that's more "criticism," after all), but those times where I'm trying to express an idea wholly my own (maybe if the criticism veers off into uncharted territory and becomes something else entirely?), that might be.

That sounds arrogant. It's not meant to. I'm just trying to get my thoughts in order. Perhaps this line of thought will be taken up again later.

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