28 December 2007

Day One (the latest try)

So, we're (and by we're I mean me - not so much the "Royal We" as the third-person pronoun that sounded best at the time) going to give this blogging thing another go. Perhaps starting it up on Blogger versus restarting (yet again) the LiveJournal blog will give me greater incentive to update it. This somehow feels more professional, so that might be greater incentive.

I've been wrestling with the idea of the blog for a good many years, specifically the fact that I've long wanted to consistently maintain one and thus give myself an (admittedly limited) public outlet for my writing, seeing as how I want to put words together for a living, and counterbalancing that fact with this one: I don't feel as though I have anything all that interesting to say. I think that came out wrong, and long-winded.

Let's put this another way: I don't feel as though I have some special status that lends more weight to my opinions/beliefs/life experiences than anybody else's. Say what you will about Thomas Friedman (and I could say a lot), the man at least has a background that allows him at least a limited soapbox from which he can disseminate his opinions. A few moments on Wikipedia yielded this biographical information:
"Friedman's coverage of the [Israeli invasion of Lebanon], particularly the Sabra and Shatila massacre, won him the Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting. With David K. Shipler, he also won the 1982 George Polk Award for Foreign Reporting."

I don't have a Pulitzer. The closest thing I have to a legitimate award is the plaque I got when I made it to the final round of Extemp at Nat Quals senior year of high school. That's more a "certificate of participation" than anything else, and it's still the best I've done.

So, I'm no Thomas Friedman. He's a lot older than I am, so he had a head start, and if you want to take that line of thinking to its logical conclusion, it's not fair. Not fair that he has a soapbox and I don't.

I guess I do. And maybe I could use it for good, fighting the evils of the world with my words, doing what I can to change people's minds and improve the state of the world.

I could also be Perez Hilton; plenty of people read what he writes. But that requires making some serious moral compromises that I'm not at all prepared to make.

That being said, the intention of this blog is not to give the lowdown on my day-to-day life (unless something particularly fascinating happens), but to provide a space for the expression of ideas and opinions (preferably well-formed). Maybe no one will ever read it, but then again, who knows?

It's a selfish purpose, but I'm hoping to make it interesting and accessible to people who live outside my brain. The best sort of art tends to do both of those things; that's not to say I think of myself as an "artist," but I aspire to create things that have a purpose, that say something, that make me think, and that might be able to do the same for others. Oh, and they have to entertain, too. If it's not enjoyable, if there aren't characters or story, virtually no one's going to care.

I suppose this story's beginning has... begun. Let's see what happens next

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